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Jacob Møllemose

Fundraising Insights, Innovation and Change

We help you make the most of analytic insights to develop successful fundraising strategies so that you can build better relationships with your donors and raise more money.

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Insight, innovation and change

We turn analytic insights into winning strategies to help you build better relationships with your donors and boost your fundraising.

Get the support you need to do the work you love.

We help clients in the non-profit sector take advantage of untapped growth potential and enhance their fundraising capabilities.

Benefit from the expert advice, valuable insight, innovative ideas and realistic strategies needed to improve your organisation and make an even greater impact.

Decades of experience in private donor fundraising mean we are the experts when it comes to harnessing the largely untapped potential in the non-profit sector.

Innovation means change. Get the security, facts and motivation you need to make the changes necessary to transform your work.

Contact us today to find out how to unlock new revenue streams for your organisation and create positive change.

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Jacob Møllemose

Who we are

We are a small group of people with a huge amount of experience in fundraising, consultancy, data analysis and marketing. Experience that will help you unlock the full potential of your fundraising activities.

We are:

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How we work

It all starts with you.

First, we find out where you are on your fundraising journey. Then we look at how best to apply our knowledge and experience to guide you in your work.

Most organisations that we work with are looking to change something. They have a pretty good idea of the direction they want to take, but they need support, facts, data, guidance and techniques to avoid making the same mistakes others have made.

That’s where we come in.

Our work is based on:

  • Insight and data analytics
    How much data is hidden in your donor records?
    How can we use this to your best advantage?
  • Community building and accelerators
    How can you turn your community into an asset?
  • Strategy and innovation
    How do you plan to achieve growth?
  • Coaching
    How comfortable are you with the transformation you’re trying to make? How can we support you?
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You’re not alone

We believe in the power of community. You’re not the first person looking to transform their work.

We have learned how valuable and worthwhile it can be to share experiences, broach difficult topics and actively take steps towards change.

Sharing the good work you do with others builds momentum and helps everyone learn from each other’s experiences.

Community boosts productivity.

How? Here are just two examples:

  • Impact talks
    An online community for fundraisers wanting to gain lifetime value and integrate this into their omni-channel communications.
  • Telemarketing Tuesdays
    A series of virtual events exploring telemarketing or telephone fundraising.

Learn more about Impact Talks

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We'd love to continue the dialogue with you and find out how we can help you take your organisation to the next milestone on it's journey of success.

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